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  • What is Apologetics?
  • We are Ambassadors for Christ
  • Ambassadors for Christ Lesson 1 - We are Ambassadors for Christ
  • Ambassadors for Christ Lesson 2 - Spiritual Preparation: the Armor of God
  • Ambassadors for Christ Lesson 3 - Spiritual Warfare
  • The Weakness of Atheist's Arguments
  • Biblical Studies

  • Exegesis Part 1: the First Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • Bible Study: the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth and Making Our Calling and Election Sure
  • The Process of Hermeneutics Handout
  • The Message of Genesis
  • A Close Reading of Genesis 22
  • The Character of Jacob
  • Brief Summary of Daniel
  • Summary of Haggai
  • Summary of Luke & John
  • Summary of First & Second Peter
  • Summary of Revelation
  • Christian Living

  • The Christian Walk: Seven-Fold Christian Living
  • Love: the Art of Laying Down Your Life
  • Spiritual Relativism
  • The Heart of Discipleship
  • The Church

  • The Church and the Physical Family
  • Ministry

  • Our Reasonable Service: the Scope of Ministry in the Body of Christ
  • Steps to Making Disciples
  • Maturity for Ministry
  • Teaching and Preaching
  • Salvation

  • Biblical Baptism for the Remission of Sin
  • The Truth about Baptism and Justification by Grace through Faith
  • Spirit and Truth
  • Salvation by Grace through Faith of Water and the Spirit
  • Theology

  • Introduction to Oneness
  • The Biblical Jesus is God
  • The Oneness View of Jesus
  • God is One
  • God in His Own Words
  • The Trinitarian Dilemma
  • Trinitarian Deviation from the Biblical Oneness of God
  • Is Oneness Heresy?
  • Jesus in Hebrews 1:3
  • John 15:26 in Oneness Christology
  • Answering Trinitarian Questions
  • What about the Prayers of Jesus?
  • Is the Father Greater than Jesus?
  • Book & Article Reviews

  • Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Families at the Crossroads: Beyond Traditional & Modern by Rodney Clapp
  • When the Church was a Family: Recapturing Jesusí Vision for Authentic Christian Community by Joseph Hellerman
  • The King James Version Debate by D. A. Carson
  • Can You Drink the Cup? by Henri Nouwen
  • Galilean Journey: the Mexican-American Promise by Virgilio Elizondo (forthcoming)
  • Strategic Pastoral Counseling: a Short-Term Structured Approach, 2nd edition by David G. Benner (forthcoming)
  • Lingenfelter (forthcoming)
  • Woodley (forthcoming)
  • Review of Mary Callaway's "Canonical Criticism"
  • Written Debates

  • John 1:1 Debate (forthcoming)
  • Oveness vs. Trinity (forthcoming)
  • Oneness vs. Arianism (forthcoming)
  • Baptism Debate - Smith vs. X (forthcoming)
  • Biblical Scholarship

  • Exegesis and Exposition of Mark 2:13-17
  • Textual Criticism of John 1:18
  • Hebrew Exegesis of Psalm 29
  • A Proper Hermeneutic and Exegesis of Philippians 2:1-11
  • Materials

    Bible Charts

  • Great Commission Chart
  • Great Commission Chart w/ John 3:5
  • Great Commission Chart w/ Acts 3:18-20
  • Soteriology of Acts Chart
  • One-Year Weekly Bible Teaching Plan
  • Six-Month Weekly Bible Teaching Plan
  • Read the Bible in 90 Days
  • Books and Booklets

  • Behold His Glory by Michael Gibson
  • Biblical Baptism by Rodney L. Smith
  • Calling on the Name of the Lord by Rodney Smith
  • Introduction to the Great Commission by Rodney Smith
  • Tuned into Jesus 24/7 by Rod Smith (forthcoming)
  • Oneness Theology by Michael Gibson (forthcoming)
  • From Eternity to Eternity by Michael Gibson (forthcoming)
  • Study Guides and Tracts

  • Baptism Required
  • In the Name
  • Who's Who in Revelation?
  • Calling on Jesus as Yahweh
  • Ambassadors for Christ
  • Training


  • Revelation: God's Sovereignty in Human History
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  • Word Theological Seminary
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  • New Testament Body of Christ
  • In the Light
  • Loving God
  • Recorded Media

    Audio Teachings

  • Word Warrior Podcast (Coming Soon!)
  • Introduction to the Gospels
  • Videos (YouTube)

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  • The Gospels Playlist
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